Prof. Eng. Michał Pompa-Roborzyński, Ph. D.

Director of the National Research Institute of Animal Production

  • +48 666 081 133

prof. dr hab. Robert Eckert

Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs

  • +48 666 081 213

mgr Michał Korbas

Deputy Director for Infrastructure Affairs

  • +48 123572700

prof. dr hab. Robert Eckert

Plenipotentary for Genomic Animal Evaluation

prof. dr hab. Mariusz Pietras

Plenipotentiary for Organization and Planification of Research

mgr Bogdan Ams

Plenipotentiary for Personnel and Legal Affairs

mgr Sebastian Gregorczyk

Plenipotentiary for Quality Management System

mgr Krzysztof Strózik

Chief Accountant