Doctoral Studies

At present, the National Research Institute employs 81 researchers, including: 16 professors, 20 habilitated doctors, 60 Ph.D.s. During 65 years of its existence, 72 employees received the scientific title of professor, 80 obtained a degree of habilitated doctor and 242 were granted a scientific degree of Ph.D. Four scientists from the Institute were honoured with a title of doctor honoris causa. The National Research Institute of Animal Production is entitled to confer a degree of Ph.D. and habilitated doctor and to propose a motion to grant a degree.

Taking care of the development of scientific staff, the Director of the Institute of Animal Production, Professor Jędrzej Krupiński, Ph.D. appointed 4-year extramural doctoral studies on 4 December 1995. Professor Marian Różycki, Ph.D., an eminent specialist in the field of genetic improvement of cattle became the first manager of the study. At present, Professor Paweł Bielański, Ph.D. is the head of the study.

Doctoral studies last 4 years. The studies include 440 hours of lectures, exercises and seminars divided into eight semesters.

The programme comprises the following issues:

  • Genetics and breeding of farm animals,
  • Animal nutrition and feed science,
  • Animal biotechnology
  • Ecology, technology and economics of animal production

Researchers of the National Research Institute of Animal Production and the researchers of other universities are the lecturers of doctoral studies.

Until now, recruitment for 9 editions of studies was conducted (4 intramular and 5 extramular), which gathered 165 doctoral students. So far, 99 people defended Ph.D. theses (20 dissertations were distinguished) and the Scientific Council of the National Research Institute of Animal Production conferred them the scientific degree  of doctor of agricultural sciences.