Technical conference "Innovation in Animal Production – Expectation or Necessity"

Between 13 and 14 June 2011, a two-day scientific-technical conference, “Innovation in Animal Production – Expectation or Necessity”, was held at the National Research Institute of Animal Production in Balice as part of the Second Congress of Agricultural Sciences, under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Marek Sawicki Ph.D.

Professor Jędrzej Krupiński Ph.D., Director of the National Research Institute of Animal Production opened the conference, in which the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Marek Sawicki Ph. D. took the floor as the first speaker and gave a paper on the role of “Animal production in light of Common Agricultural Policy after 2013”. In his speech, he underlined that production in European countries should be more directed towards the yield of marketable agricultural products and emphasized the need for food safety. He also noted that producer groups should organize themselves. In the next part of the conference people working in or associated with the agricultural sector discussed the directions for the development of animal production in Poland. The following people participated in the discussion: Tadeusz Blicharski, Director of the Polish Pig Breeders and Producers Association “POLSUS”; Jacek Soska, Deputy Chairman of the Małopolska Regional Parliament; Władysław Brejta, President of the Polish Horse Breeders Association; Prof. Janusz Żmija Ph.D., Rector of the University of Agriculture in Kraków; Antoni Rączka, Vicepresident of the National Poultry Council; Bogdan Konopka, President of the Polish Association of Beef Cattle Breeders and Producers; Stanisław Pasoń, an animal breeder; and Jan Żukowski, the administrator of Żurawina Commune. Various issues were touched upon in the discussion, the most important of which was the necessity to develop investments increasing the production of pigs. It was also noted that because poultry production at the national level is developing very intensively, a certain form of cooperation agreements, which would eliminate seasonal surpluses, should be considered. To this end, the Ministry of Agriculture should provide help to enable the export of poultry to Asian countries. Because of the decreasing population of cattle, it is necessary to start appropriate programmes and activities so as to introduce subsidies to grazed grasslands. Summarizing the comments in the discussion, the Minister of Agriculture stated that good agriculture is harmony, nature and climate, but there also exists an area of immense contradictions and conflicting interests, which is why the “golden mean” in the form of sustainable agriculture should be found. One of the ways to achieve innovation is to create breeder groups. Blocking progress (GMO) is destined to failure. The Minister promised that subsidies to grazed grasslands will be paid. He noticed that the role of institutes, universities and agricultural advisory centres should be strengthened. He concluded his speech by saying that frequent meetings in such groups are necessary and provide an opportunity to discuss the ideas for progress in agriculture and stated that in his opinion nothing stands in the way of Polish pig breeders to make the same progress as in poultry production. Afterwards, the conference participants visited the exhibition in which companies from the agricultural sector such as Alima Bis, Polnet or DeLaval presented their achievements as well as the exhibition of animals prepared by the National Research Institute of Animal Production, which showed Carpathian goats, Wrzosówka sheep, Sussex, Leghorn, Rhode Island, Greenleg Partridge and Yellowleg Partridge hens, White Kołuda geese, polecats, foxes, minks, Popielno white rabbits and Helix aspersa aspersa snails. In the second part of the conference, conducted by Prof. Eugeniusz Herbut Ph.D., papers were given by:

  • Ireneusz Dymarski Ph.D. – “ The use of research results for improvement of milk and meat production”
  • Prof. Robert Eckert Ph.D. – “The possibilities of improving pig production efficiency”
  • Henryk Malec Ph.D. “Innovation in poultry production and organization”
  • Professor Franciszek Brzóska Ph.D. “Possibilities of using GM feeds in animal nutrition based on Polish research”
  • Professor Karol Węglarzy Ph.D. “Use of agricultural byproducts as a source of additional income”

    The second day of the conference began with the presentation of Jerzy Wróblewski, a representative of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture, who talked about the “Use of funds from the Rural Development Programme 2007 – 2013 supporting the development of animal production”. The representatives of Alima Bis, DeLaval and Polnet presented the latest achievements of their companies. Prof. Robert Eckert Ph.D. from the National Research Institute of Animal Production closed the conference with a short assessment. The conference, organized by the National Research Institute of Animal Production generated a lot of interest, with 240 visitors on the first day and 140 on the second. These included animal breeders and producers, representatives of associations of animal breeders and producers, representatives of science, agricultural advisory centres and agricultural school complexes, farmers, presidents of Experimental Stations of the National Research Institute of Animal Production, foreign guests associated with economy and the agricultural sector (representatives of U.S. Embassy) and media representatives. The conference, which took place under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development was co-financed from European Union funds as part of the Technical Aid of the Rural Development Programme for the years 2007 – 2013.