18th Regional Exhibition of Breeding Animals

18th Regional Exhibition of Breeding Animals, Szepietowo, 25-26 June 2011

The 18th Regional Exhibition of Breeding Animals was held between 25 and 26 June 2011 in Szepietowo in the Podlaskie voivodeship. The event was organized by the Podlaski Agricultural Advisory Centre together with regional authorities, breeders’ associations and local organizations. Over 40 sponsors and media patrons participated in the organization of the exhibition. The popularity of the event is increasing. It is estimated that this year it was visited by about 80,000 visitors, who could see about 260 exhibition stalls. The whole exhibition was organized on an area of about 10 hectares.

The exhibition focused on the presentation of breeding animals, agricultural machinery, equipment of livestock buildings, milking devices, and feed and fertilizer companies. The exhibition was accompanied by many additional shows, for example those of small livestock, exposition of handicraft products, fairs of regional and handicraft products, as well as promotions of milk, mutton and horsemeat, which still cannot find many consumers in Poland.

Over 300 animals were presented: cows, horses, pigs and sheep, which competed for the title of champions and superchampions. Saturday morning saw a show/assessment of horses, in which a group of 5 Sokolski horses was also presented. The breed is included in the horses genetic resources conservation programme, coordinated by the National Research Institute of Animal Production. At present, it covers about 1200 horses (mares and stallions). It is worth noting that this is the only event in Poland to award the local, protected type of cold-blooded horses, for which thanks are due to the Białystok Horse Breeders’ Association. Five mares were presented, of which the mare WIOSNA 5706 G Bł, owned by Jan Małyszko from Suchowola received the highest score. The mare is of typical Sokolski type, characterized by smaller frame size and drier tissues compared to other horses. The assessment of Sokolski mares has been organized for three years and attention should be paid to the fact that each year the groups are increasingly typical and uniform. Two breeding stallions of the Sokolski type were also presented. Grażyna Polak Ph.D., the coordinator of the conservation programme from the National Research Institute of Animal Production, was present during the assessment of Sokolski horses.

The exhibition coincided with the shooting of a film promoting this breed. The film was made from the funds of the Rural Development Foundation in cooperation with the National Research Institute of Animal Production. It will be available on the Foundation’s website by the end of the year.