25th Jubilee Exhibition of Breeding Animals, Agricultural Machinery and Devices

25th Jubilee Exhibition of Breeding Animals, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, Sitno, 9-10 July 2011

Between 8 and 9 July 2011, the 25th Jubilee Exhibition of Breeding Animals, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment was held in Sitno near Zamość under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Marek Sawicki, Marshal of the Lubelskie Province, and Voivode of the Lubelskie Province. The exhibition was organized by the Lublin Agricultural Advisory Centre in Końskowola and the Exhibition and Training Centre in Sitno. The exhibition was financed from the Milk, Beef, Pork, Poultrymeat and Horsemeat Promotion Funds.

A rich programme of the exhibition comprised shows and assessment of breeding animals, specialist advice, competitions, displays and presentations. During the conference the following papers were presented:

  • Determinants of the implementation of the programme “LUBLIN BEEF”
  • Renewable energy as a chance for the development of rural areas. Biogas plants on agricultural farms
  • 85 years of breeding work with the population of Puławska (Gołębska) pigs

Professor Marian Różycki Ph.D. from the National Research Institute of Animal Production took part in the conference and also evaluated the animals.

During the assessment, shows and awarding of champions, breeders of cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, poultry and fur-bearing animals presented themselves. They included Zbigniew Kołodziej, who owns a flock of Biłgorajska geese, covered by the waterfowl genetic resources conservation programme, White-backed cows and Polish Koniks that also participate in the conservation programmes.

There was also an assessment and show of Małopolski and cold-blooded horses. Twenty-three exhibitors took part in the show, among others Artur Grochowski, who participates in the genetic resources conservation programme for Sokolski horses. He presented the mare SERIA after BOGATY from SENIORA born on 15 February 1999. The mare became vice-champion among cold-blooded horses. Franciszek Bębenek, who also owns a herd of horses included in the conservation programmes, presented the Sztumski-type stallion GUCIO after WOJAK from GDYNIA born on 21 May 2002. During the Sunday show, the mare SERIA was decorated by Grażyna Polak Ph.D., the coordinator for genetic resources conservation of Sztumski and Sokolski type horses as the best Sokolski mare on show.