Second Congress of Agricultural Sciences, 5 October 2011

The Second Congress of Agricultural Sciences “Science for Practice. National strategic research programmes for the agri-food sector and rural areas” was held on 5 October 2011 in the Central Agricultural Library in Warsaw.

The Congress was organized on the initiative of Marek Sawicki Ph.D. by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and honorary patronage over the event was assumed by Bronisław Komorowski, the President of the Republic of Poland.

The discussion covered a wide range of issues:

  • Climate threats to agriculture and rural development
  • Directions for the development of agricultural sciences and their medium- and long-term impact on agricultural policy in Poland
  • Issues related to science for bio-economy and innovative model of development of the agri-food sector and rural areas
  • Economic and social determinants of production, food safety and quality standards in conditions of environmental change
  • Threats to biodiversity in agricultural landscape
  • Expected solutions of knowledge transfer for the agri-food sector and rural areas

    In his speech entitled: “Strategic directions for the development of animal production as determined by social expectations, environmental protection and animal welfare”, Prof. Jędrzej Krupiński Ph.D. outlined the issues related to one of the two basic types of agricultural production – animal production.

    The main objective of the Second Congress was to work out strategic programmes of research in the area of agricultural and related sciences. Two fundamental assumptions were addressed: full, deeper integration of the scientific community working for the agri-food sector and rural areas; the effectiveness of implementations, the possibility of disseminating research in practice, and the indication of the barriers and limitations.

    The papers showed that the scientific community considers it necessary to modernize the economy and undertake new challenges. At the same time, it was clearly noticeable that Polish agricultural science recognizes important problems in the development of the agri-food sector in rural areas, can specify them, and indicate threats but also preventive measures.

    The presented papers indicated that interdisciplinary cooperation with other fields of science and sectors of the economy such as the power industry, the ministry of health or environment, will be important for the future of agriculture.