8th Agricultural Festival of Science, Brwinów - Warsaw

Between 18th and 19th October 2011, the 8th Agricultural Festival of Science was held in Brwinów and Warsaw under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

The festival was organized by the Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów and the Michał Oczapowski Central Agricultural Library in Warsaw, in the form of two, thematically distinct, conferences. The central theme of the first one was agricultural water resources management and Tadeusz Nalewajk, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, who was present at the meeting underlined the significance of water balance for agriculture and rural areas. The subject matter of the second conference was Polish culinary heritage. It took place in the Central Agricultural Library in Warsaw.

During the Festival, the National Research Institute of Animal Production presented its offer concerning publications and the dissemination and implementation of research results.