A report from the conference in Pawłowice, 8th November 2011

A report from the conference “Improving the profitability of fattener production”, Pawłowice, 8th November 2011

The conference entitled “Improving the profitability of fattener production” was organized at the Experimental Station in Pawłowice on 8th November. About 115 people participated in the conference, including employees of universities and research institutes, managers of agricultural enterprises and pig farms, pig breeders and producers, veterinarians, and employees of feed companies. Ireneusz Dymarski, Ph.D. Eng., the Director of Experimental Station Pawłowice opened the conference and welcomed the visitors. Five papers were presented during the lecture part.

Professor of the National Research Institute of Animal Production, Robert Eckert, Ph.D. – Head of the Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding at the National Research Institute of Animal Production in Kraków presented the paper “Fattener production in Poland in the context of the globalization of the pork market” by R. Eckert and T. Blicharski. The lecturer paid attention to the scenario predicting increased demand for animal protein. Data concerning the countries leading in production, consumption, import and export of pork were discussed in detail. Steps that have to be taken to prevent a further decline in pig production in Poland were also discussed.

Tadeusz Blicharski Ph.D. Eng. – Director of the Office of the Polish Association of Pig Breeders and Producers POLSUS” was the next lecturer. He delivered a paper on “Current and future directions in pig breeding and selection” by T. Blicharski and R. Eckert. The speaker discussed achievements of the breeding programme underway and the need to pay attention to uniformity, vitality and health of animals in further selection work. At the same time, the increasing role of social trends in the area of sustainable production, animal welfare and environmental protection was underlined.

Doctor of veterinary sciences, Krzysztof Janeczko from the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences delivered a paper ”Disease entities reducing the effectiveness of fattener production”. The author discussed the current state of knowledge on disease entities that occur during the fattening and indicated the possibility of effective control by means of prophylactic vaccinations, pharmacotherapy and proper organization of production.

The next lecturer, Marian Kamyczek Ph. D. Eng. – the main specialist for animal production in the Experimental Station Pawłowice discussed the issue of “Improving the effectiveness of fattener nutrition”. He presented current data on the profitability of pork production in selected European Union countries and possible solutions which allow feeding costs to be reduced.

Tomasz Schwarz, Ph.D.  from the University of Agriculture in Kraków presented the lecture “Use of hybrid rye in pig feeding” by T. Schwarz, W. Kuleta, A. Turek, J. Wujczak and B. Rudzki. The results of national experiments using hybrid rye of Visello variety in fattener nutrition were presented. The authors concluded that modern varieties of hybrid rye can be applied successfully in feeding growing pigs.

The participants of the conference received conference materials with the text of all lectures delivered. Throughout the conference, the participants could become acquainted with the offer of companies that supply products and services to pig breeders and producers.