On 10 and 11 January 2012 in Kraków, there was an international meeting that inaugurated work on the IMPROFARM project, carried out within the framework of the European lifelong learning Leonardo da Vinci.

The National Research Institute of Animal Production is the leader of this project.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the National Research Institute of Animal Production and partners of the consortium established to carry out the meeting:

  • Massimo Canalicchio and Leonardo Fontanella – CIA Umbria
  • Prof. Nikolay Naydenov and Prof. Boris Borisov – Ruse University
  • George Giorgakis – Eurosuccess
  • Pavol Jackulik – Pro Orava

Robert Eckert Ph.D., professor of the NRIAP welcomed the guests on behalf of the Institute. The meeting, which consisted of workshops, discussed in detail the project’s assumptions and aims, the methods of their implementation, and determined the schedule of project works.
The main goal of IMPROFARM project is to support transfer of innovations and know-how between the partner countries to support development of skills and competencies of farmers and employees in the agriculture sector and related services, to support effectiveness of services and production related to agriculture, to support development of rural areas and employment in rural areas in partner countries. The project also aims to contribute to the transparency of skills of farmers and targeted types of professions in agriculture and agriculture related services. The project focuses on the areas of training in:agrotourism

  • agritourism
  • business in agriculture (management, marketing, financial management, planning, production management)
  • nursery production
  • organic production
  • innovative methods in animal production

The task of the National Research Institute of Animal Production – as part of the project – is to work out with partners from Ruse University a training module for the last-mentioned issue.  The project is addressed to farmers and agricultural advisors from Poland and partner countries.

The project meeting also provided an opportunity to pay a visit to the National Research Institute of Animal Production. On 12 January 2012, the Institute was visited by representatives of the Bulgarian partner of the consortium from Ruse University – Prof. Nikolay Naydenov and Prof. Boris Borisov, who are interested in establishing closer contacts with the National Research Institute of Animal Production.

The guests met with Prof. Eugeniusz Herbut, the Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs, Dorota Godyń Ph.D., and Jacek Sikora Ph.D.

In the course of the visit they became acquainted with the work conducted in the field of protection of farm animal biodiversity and the research carried out by the Institute in the area of economy and technology of animal production.