Sielinko – Animal Exhibition and Agricultural Fair

Between 30 and 31 May 2015, three exhibitions associated thematically with agriculture were held on the territory of the Agricultural Advisory Centre in Sielinko:

  • Green Agroshow – Polish grain
  • Wielkopolskie Agricultural Fair Sielinko 2015
  • 21st Regional Exhibition of Breeding Animals

During the 21st Regional Exhibition of Breeding Animals there were presented among others: cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and poultry. Breeders from Wielkopolska exhibited jointly 52 breeding boars and gilts. The Pawłowice Experimental Station of the National Research Institute of Animal Production presented 4 boars of line 990. On Saturday on the ring two boars of the line 990 received the highest score in the Commission evaluation and out of them a boar champion of the line 990 and number 26373-9470/14 was selected. Born on 29.11.2014, the bore obtained average daily gains 796 g in live evaluation and the meatiness determined with Piglog-105 device amounted to 61,2%, whereas the index of live evaluation – 126 points. On Sunday, there was a show of awarded champions from particular breeds and lines. The organizers estimate that the aforementioned exhibition events were visited jointly by about 35 thousand people.

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