2nd Specialist Exhibition of Polish Arden, Sokólski and Sztumski Horses in Kętrzyn

Between 18 and 19 July 2015, the 14th All-Polish Championship of Polish Cold-blooded Horses and the 2nd Specialist Exhibition of Polish Arden, Sokólski and Sztumski Horses was held in Stallion Stud Kętrzyn. The exhibition was held in a new formula, introduced last year by the Polish Horse Breeders Association, which comprised the presentations of four various breeds and types of cold-blooded horses bred in Poland: Polish cold-blooded horse, Polish Arden horse and two types included in the genetic resources conservation programme: Sztumski and Sokólski horses.

The panel of judges evaluated as many as 79 horses, including 15 Sokólski and 16 Sztumski horses in four various categories: one- and two-year-old mares, one- and two-year-old colts.

In the category of two-year-old Sokólski mares, mare PERŁA born on 11.05.2013, by BESKID 465 G O1 out of PASZEK 528 G Sz, bred and owned by the Institute’s Experimental Station in Kołbacz was placed second. The mare presented very good Sokólski type, nice head and neck, splendid trunk. Attention was also paid to the excellent preparation of the mare for the performance, which distinguished itself with exquisitely shown movement on the ring, condition and perfect trimming, compared to others. It is worth underlining that this is only the second performance of Sokólski horses belonging to the Institute’s Experimental Station Kołbacz, already crowned with success, even bigger through the fact that the category in which it was presented turned out to be the most highly evaluated from the categories of the horses included in conservation programmes. All the more reason to congratulate the Board of Directors and the employees of the Institute’s Experimental Station in Kołbacz. The herd of Sokólski horses in Kołbacz was founded in 2011 and at present it is composed of 4 mares, 4 young and 1 stallion. It is focused on the production of breeding material. All the mares were purchased in Podlasie in the Sokółka region; they have very good origin, which guarantees the maintenance of precious Sokólski lines.

During this year’s championship in Kętrzyn, Prof. Jędrzej Krupiński, Ph.D. – the Head of the Department of Animal Genetic Resources Conservation of the National Research Institute of Animal Production was the honorary guest and presented the winners with cups and commemorative diplomas.