Jubilee Scientific Session Science and Practice in Cattle Breeding

On 17 September 2015, Jubilee Scientific Session Science and Practice in Cattle Breeding, summarizing 55 years of scientific work and 80 years of life of Prof. Jan Trela, Ph.D. was held in the National Research Institute of Animal Production in Balice. The seminar was attended by about 250 guests among whom there were the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, universities of agriculture, agricultural advisory centres, companies, self-governments, farmers and dairy cattle breeders and the Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Milk Producers as well as National Associations of Polish Red and Simmental Cattle Breeders. The session was attended by a very numerous group of the employees of the National Research Institute of Animal Production from Scientific Departments and Experimental Stations.

The Director of the National Research Institute of Animal Production, Professor Eugeniusz Herbut, Ph.D. opened the session, welcomed the visitors and gave the floor to Professor Eng. Karol Węglarzy, Ph.D., the Head of the Institute’s Grodziec Śląski Experimental Station, who conducted the further part of the meeting. Professor Zygmunt Reklewski, Ph.D. from the Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding of the Polish Academy of Sciences Jastrzębiec was the first one to deliver a presentation entitled: Cattle Breeding in Poland in the period of 70 Years. He discussed the contemporarily applied methods of research and the evaluation of cattle breeding value, the attempts to transform cattle in general-purpose and dairy type, implementation of insemination on a huge scale, programme of bull selection, the origin of the Central Animal Breeding Station and the improvement of milk yield. Summarizing his speech, the Professor stated that the changes which took place in cattle rearing and breeding can be described as “cosmic”. The next presentation entitled Current State and the Perspectives of Dairy Cattle Breeding in Poland, presented by Eng. Teresa Piechowska from the Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Milk Producers concerned the main tasks undertaken by this organization, such as: conducting the evaluation of commercial value, herd books, IT system and breeding programmes aimed at the development of dairy cattle breeding. Subsequently, Prof. Stanisław Kamiński, Ph.D. from the University of Warmia an Mazury in Olsztyn took the floor and in the presentation entitled the Significance of DNA Analyses in Practical Cattle Breeding in Poland discussed DNA analyses used in cattle breeding, genomic selection applied in Poland, DNA bull bank and Polish-American seminar presenting new methods of genomic selection. Krzysztof Słoniewski, Ph.D., the representative of the Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Milk Producers, was the next speaker and delivered the presentation entitled: Spectrum Will Tell you the Truth. Spectral Analysis as a Source of Information about Milk and Cow Producing it. Poland was the first to introduce this method on the territory of the whole country and the projects concerning milk spectrum are at present in various phases of the realization. Then, Eng. Bogumiła Choroszy, Ph.D. from the National Research Institute of Animal Production took the floor, who in the presentation Simmental, Today and Yesterday discussed the history of Simmental cattle, beginning with its origin in Switzerland, its export and spreading to the neighbouring countries through its current state in Poland. Then, Eng. Anna Majewska, Ph.D. from the National Research Institute of Animal Production presented a presentation entitled: Conservation of Genetic Resources of Small Cattle Populations in Poland, which concerned native breed conservation programmes for which at present the National Research Institute of Animal Production is responsible, one day financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, currently from European Union funds. Professor Henryk Grodzki, Ph.D. from Warsaw University of Life Sciences was the next lecturer, who discussed Current State and Perspectives of Rearing and Breeding Cattle and Current State in Poland. Professor Zygmunt M. Kowalski, Ph.D. from the University of Agriculture in Krakow was the last one to take the floor. In the presentation entitled: Current Tendencies in Calf Rearing he specified the key goals: earlier time of the first calving and programming of better milk yield which is designed to obtain highly productive and long-lived animal.

After a short discussion on the reports (full lectures were published in Wiadomości Zootechniczne Year LIII, No 2(285) Krakow 2015) the Director of the Institute, Prof. Eugeniusz Herbut, Ph.D. delivered the Laudation of the Celebrant, he briefly presented the course of his professional work, social activity, obtained diplomas and distinctions. Discussing scientific activity, he underlined the significance of scientific and implementation output, the subject of which is dairy and beef cattle and its genetic improvement. He paid attention to broad cooperation of the Professor with breeders and organizations responsible for breeding both in Poland and abroad. Finishing the Laudation, the Director stated that one can modestly say that the Professor is a “servant” to science in handing down its results to practice. The Professor devoted all his professional life to agricultural sciences and animal production. He moves very freely in zootechnical issues and he had the sense of choice of the results of his own Team and other Scientific Centres which had an influence on the improvement of cattle breeds used in the country. Posing a question to Professor: “What would he have done if he had started work since the beginning”, he answers that he would have done the same what he did. Our Celebrant does not regret anything what he did in his long professional life, he served well and reliably to science and zootechnical practice.

Then, the Director handed to the Professor a Gold Badge for the Services to the Institute, which was granted to him by the Chapter of Gold Badge for the entirety of scientific work, whereas the President of the Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Milk Producers Leszek Hądzlik honoured the Professor with Gold Honorary Badge of the Federation and in this way both distinctions underlined the Celebrant’s merits for Polish cattle breeding.

The conference ended with visitors’ speeches and wishes and congratulations extended to the Celebrant. Higlander’s band “Słopnicki Zbyrcoch” played the accompaniment during the celebration.

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