Students from Limanowa in the National Research Institute of Animal Production

On 26 February 2016 the National Research Institute of Animal Production hosted a group of students from Józef Piłsudski School Complex No 1 in Limanowa.

The students became acquainted with the elements of research carried out in the Institute. Eng. Michał Bochenek, Ph.D. from the Department of Animal Reproduction Biotechnology dealt with the issue of semen preservation and sexing. In the Department of Genomics and Animal Molecular Biology, Eng. Artur Gurgul, Ph.D. presented a presentation entitled “Genomic Evaluation of Farm Animals”.

During the visit on the farm in Aleksandrowice, Dorota Kowalska, Ph.D. discussed the issue of breeding rabbits, whereas Eng. Jolanta Calik, Ph.D. dealt with the subject of native poultry breeds. Visiting dairy cattle farm in Kobylany was the last point of the visit, where Eng. Andrzej Jurkiewicz, Ph.D. in a very detailed way presented to the guests the way the farm operates, particular stages of production, procedures of supervision over the herd, supported with IT system.

The visit was organized by the Department of Research Commercialization and Practice Cooperation.