International Fair Of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH 2016

Between 18 and 20 March 2016 the International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH was held in Kielce. This is one of the largest exhibition events in Poland and Europe with a rich tradition, devoted to agricultural technique. This year, the event was organized on a record surface of 62,5 thousand sq. meters, where more than 700 exhibitors from over a dozen countries presented their exhibitions.

The AGROTECH fair is not only an exhibition of machines and devices for agriculture. This is also a forum of knowledge exchange and presentation of the state-of-the-art achivements of science. An innovation island, organized for the first time by the Agricultural Advisory Centre within the framework of the Innovation Network in Agriculture and Rural Areas distinguished itself out of many consultation stalls, prepared by the most influential trade institutions. Eight scientific institutes and the Świętokrzyski Agricultural Advisory Centre presented their offer on a joint stall. The representatives of the Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology, the Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute, the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation, the Research Institute of Horticulture, the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences, the National Veterinary Research Institute, the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering and also the National Research Institute of Animal Production presented the the results of their research work to the interested in the most recent knowledge in the field of innovative solutions.

The exhibition of the National Research Institute of Animal Production, prepared by the Department of Research Commercialization and Practice Cooperation generated a lot of interest both among the visitors and other exhibitors. Scientific publications, dissemination brochures and commercial offers of the experimental stations were presented.

During all days of the fair, very interesting meetings combined with the presentations prepared by the representatives of science and agricultural extension were held in a separated space “speaker’s corner”. A lot of subjects were raised, significant from a point of view of the modernization of homesteads as farmers’ workshop, introduction of the changes with the aim of increasing production efficiency or lowering its costs.

The following employees of the Institute of Animal Production gave the lectures:

  • Eng. Ewa Sosin-Bzducha, Ph.D. “Quality of products derived from cattle conservation breeds”;
  • Eng. Andrzej Kaczor, Ph.D. „The Application of the devices restricting the causes of the emergence of thermal stress in cows (location of cowsheds, axial and ceiling fans,  air dispersion in climatic conditions of Poland)”, “Keeping calves in innovative open rooms (open shed for the farms with the stock from 40 to 100 cows and a “hamlet” for calves for the farms with the stock from 100 to 500 cows)”.