Students from Nowy Targ in the National Research Institute of Animal Production

On 21 April 2016, the National Research Institute of Animal Production was visited by a group of students from the Agricultural Education Centre School Complex named after Augustyn Suski in Nowy Targ. The visit took place as part of the realization of the cooperation agreement between the School Complex and the Institute.

During the stay, the students listened to the lecture of Jacek Jura, Ph.D. on genetically modified organisms, on the farm in Aleksandrowice Dorota Kowalska, Ph.D. and Prof. Paweł Bielański, Ph.D. acquainted the guests with the issues of rabbit breeding, Eng. Jolanta Calik, Ph.D. dealt with the specifics of poultry native breeds, whereas Eng. Jacek Sikora, Ph.D. discussed the subject of sheep breeding.

The students could become aware what the subject matter of running a large farm looks like during the visit on the farm in Kobylany, where Eng. Andrzej Jurkiewicz, Ph.D. presented particular stages of production, procedures of herd supervision, means of work organization.

The visit was organized by the Department of Research Commercialization and Practice Cooperation.