16th Farewell to Holidays in Rudawka Rymanowska 2016

“Farewell to Holidays in Rudawka Rymanowska”, which in the current year was the part of the 21st Congress of the World Federation of Simmental Cattle Breeders was held between 26 and 28 August 2016 already for the sixteenth time. The representatives of Simmental cattle breeders from the whole world were present in Rudawka, apart from the guests from Poland. Traditionally, during the event there were held: the National Exhibition of Simmental Cattle, the Regional Championship of Hucul Horse and the Exhibition of Native Breeds.

The event was officially opened on 27 August 2016 by Eng. Władysław Brejta, Ph.D., the Chairman of the Institute’s Odrzechowa Experimental Station and the invited guests: Head of the President’s Cabinet of the Republic of Poland Adam Kwiatkowski, Marshal of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship Władysław Ortyl, Subcarpathian Vice-voivode Stanisław Lechowski.

In this year’s Exhibition of Native Breeds, the organizer of which was the Institute’s Foundation PATRONUS ANIMALIUM, 20 exhibitors participated, who presented the following breeds, varieties and strains of animals:

  • Cattle (6 head): Polish Red, Polish Black-and-White, Polish Red-and-White;
  • Mares (14 head): Polish Konik, Hucul, Małopolski, Silesian and Sokólski cold-blooded horse;
  • Sheep (18 head): Wrzosówka, Świniarka, Podhale Zackel, Polish Pogórze Sheep and Black-headed sheep;
  • Carpathian goats (3 head);
  • Hens: Greenleg Partridge (Z-11), Yellowleg Partridge (Ż-33), Leghorn (G-99), Sussex (S-66), Rhode Island Red (R-11), Rhode Island White (A-33);
  • Zatorska geese (ZD-1);
  • Popielno White rabbits (2 head);
  • Common foxes (4 head): Pastel and White-necked;
  • Breeding polecats (2 head).

Overall, 49 animals, 7 flocks of birds of conservation breeds and additionally Termond rabbits were presented at the exhibition.

On Saturday, the 27th of August, the show of native animal breeds was held. The show was conducted by Professor Józefa Krawczyk, Ph.D. and the coordinators for genetic resources conservation of particular breeds of animals discussed the breeds in detail and presented the breeders participating in the exhibition. On the ring there were presented cattle, horses, sheep, and Carpathian goats. The remaining species, namely hens, geese and fur animals were presented in cages.

Again, an additional show of native horse breeds was held on the lower clearing (on Saturday after opening the exhibition), organized by Iwona Tomczyk-Wrona, Ph.D. (NRIAP). This year, this was the show of Hucul mares derived from Polanka line, belonging to the Institute’s Odrzechowa Experimental Station. Six mares were presented, the oldest of which was Platynka born in 1994 and the youngest Pianka-O born in 2016.

Traditionally, during the exhibition “Arts competition for children” was carried out which consisted in drawing farm animals. 30 children took part in the competition. Three prizes in three age categories were granted. Moreover, all the children received consolation prizes. The prizes were handed by the President of the Chapter of the Institute’s Foundation PATRONUS ANIMALIUM, Prof. Eugeniusz Herbut, Ph.D.

On Sunday, the 28th of August the breeders of native breeds were honoured with the diplomas of participation, which were handed by the Director of the National Institute of Animal Production Prof. Eugeniusz Herbut, Ph.D. and the Head of the Department of Animal Genetic Resources Conservation, Prof. Józefa Krawczyk, Ph.D.

Also on Sunday, a show of calves organized by the Małopolskie Centre of Biotechnology Ltd. in Krasne was held as part of the “Young Breeder Competition”. The Institute’s Foundation PATRONUS ANIMALIUM was a co-founder of the prizes for young breeders. The vice-president of the Foundation, Piotr M. Mikosz, M.A.  handed the prizes.

On the information stall of the National Research Institute of Animal Production, prepared by the Department of Research Commercialization and Practice Cooperation information-promotion materials prepared by the employees of the Institute were disseminated. Information leaflets describing animal native breeds, dissemination brochures, Wiadomości Zootechniczne and a Catalogue of Native Breeds, published by the Institute generated a lot of interest from the visitors.

The companies operating in the agri-food sector presented a rich commercial offer during the exhibition. Lottery, the main prize of which was a Hucul horse generated a lot of interest.