Conference entitled "Science to Agricultural Extension"

Between 3 and 4 November 2016, a conference entitled “Science to Agricultural Extension”, co-organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development was held in the National Research Institute of Animal Production in Balice. The event was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, directors and employees of the National Research Institute of Animal Production, agricultural advisors dealing with animal production – representing Agricultural Extension Centres from the whole of Poland and the representatives of Agricultural Advisory Centre.

institution and a farmer through acquainting the advisors with the issue of work conducted in the Institute. Better acquired knowledge of the research issues will facilitate information transfer and the dissemination of scientific achievements worked out in the National Research Institute of Animal Production.

The meeting was commenced by the Deputy Director for Scientific Issues Prof. Robert Eckert, Ph.D. who welcomed the guests gathered in the Institute’s Conference Room.

Then, the Deputy Director for Science and Consulting of the Department of Strategies, Analyses and Development Edyta Wieczorkiewicz-Dudek took the floor and in a short speech paid attention to the significant role of science in the development of agriculture and rural areas. The Director of the Agricultural Advisory Cenre in Brwinów Jacek Węsierski was the next speaker, who underlined the significance of professional extension in agricultural sector.

Prof. Robert Eckert made a general presentation of the activity of the National Research Institute of Animal Production, its history and scientific achievements. Subsequently, Prof. Monika Bugno-Poniewierska, Ph.D. presented innovative solutions based on molecular genetics tools for agricultural practice. The lecture was concluded with a surprise – a film about Polish Konik, the breed which constitutes the object of the scientific interests of the Institute’s geneticists.

The rules of functioning of genomic evaluation of dairy cattle in Poland were presented to the attendees by Eng. Monika Skarwecka, Ph.D., whereas Eng. Magdalena Szyndler-Nędza, Ph.D. spoke about the innovations in the evaluation of pig breeding value through the introduction of genomic evaluation.

After lunch break, the second part of the lectures was commenced by Anna Radko, Ph.D. who spoke about parentage control based on DNA markers and its implementation in agricultural practice. The last lecture on this day was delivered by Prof. Paweł Bielański, Ph.D. presenting the issue of rabbit breeding as a chance for family farms. The conclusion of the day was visiting the Laboratory of Genomics, Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and the National Bank of Biological Materials.

The second day of the conference was commenced by the Director Prof. Eugeniusz Herbut, Ph.D.

The first presentation entitled “The realization of the farm animal genetic resources conservation programme as part of the Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020”, delivered by Prof. Jędrzej Krupiński, Ph.D. was devoted to history, current issues and also the future of breeding native animal breeds in the conditions of the competition of mass production farms. The discussion between the advisors and scientists on the implementation of agri-environmental-climatic Action (agri-natural genetic resources) of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 was the continuation of the lecture.

The next speaker, Jacek Walczak, Ph.D. dealt with the issue of the use of precise technologies of animal breeding in the aspect of enviromental protection and  animal welfare improvement, Eng. Elżbieta Sowula-Skrzyńska, Ph.D. spoke about the economic aspects of milk production in the conditions of sustainable development, whereas Eng. Anna Arczewska-Włosek, Ph.D. introduced natural, innovative methods of poultry coccidiosis prevention.

The summary and conclusions prepared by the representatives of the Agricultural Advisory Centre: deputy director Katarzyna Boczek and Dariusz Pomykała constituted the closure of this part of the conference. The last point of the programme of the stay of the guests in the Institute was a visit to the farm in Aleksandrowice.

The project was realized as part of the Operational Plan of the National Rural Network for years 2016-2017.