The National Research Institute of Animal Production awarded by the Minister of Agriculture

On 19 December 2016 in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Undersecretary of State Ryszard Zarudzki handed diplomas to the authors of the awarded scientific studies for the achievements in implementing progress in agriculture, rural development and agricultural markets.

Out of 6 research teams as many as two awards fell to the National Research Institute of Animal Production – the team of Prof. Barbara Gajda, Ph.D. and Prof. Zdzisław Smorąg, Ph.D. from the Department of Animal Reproduction Biotechnology for the paper “Production of piglets after the transfer of cryopreserved swine oocytes” and five-person team of Prof. Monika Bugno-Poniewierska, Ph.D., the Head of the Department of Genomics and Animal Molecular Biology for the “Development of a complementary set of STR and SNP markers in cattle parentage control”.

The team of Jacek Walczak, Ph.D. from the Department of Technology, Ecology and Economics of Animal Production found itself among the five teams awarded for the research work “Estimating the production volume and unit contents of nitrogen in natural fertilizers originating from various farm animal housing systems in Poland and their implementation as standards for the farms situated in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones”.

Minister Zarudzki underlined that an effective transfer of knowledge and innovation into practice is particularly important for Polish agriculture and rural areas. Farmers and small, medium and large enterprises functioning in the agri-food sector in rural areas anticipate new technical and organizational solutions which will improve their competitiveness both on the internal and international market. Therefore, they count on the aid from the scientific community and agricultural extension. The existing circumstances in this field pose new and great challenges to science and extension.

Besides, the meeting was attended by: the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Development – Jerzy Kwieciński, vice-president of the Main Board of Research Institutes – Andrzej Krueger, Ph.D., the Director of the Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów – Jacek Węsierski and the representatives of the management of the supervised research institutes, agricultural academic institutions, Agricultural Advisory Centres, Provincial Agricultural Advisory Centres, the editors of publications at the provincial agricultural advisory centres and competent departments of the Ministry.

Our cordial congratulations to all the awarded.