National Exhibition of Native Breeds in Poznań

The 28th National Exhibition of Breeding Animals was held in Poznań between 5 and 7 May 2017, within the framework of which the National Research Institute of Animal Production, as an entity coordinating the realization of the genetic resources conservation programmes of farm animals in Poland organized the National Exhibition of Native Breeds. The team of employees from the Department of Animal Genetic Resources Conservation and the Department of Research Commercialization and Practice Cooperation were mainly engaged in the organization of the exhibition during which more than 50 animals and 9 poultry flocks were presented.

The exhibition organized by the National Research Institute of Animal Production is a great feast for the breeders, and for all the visitors it is a good occasion to meet endangered animal breeds. Each of the presented breeds differs from the animals used in intensive breeding with respect to genetic structure and phenotypic traits, behaviour and good adaptation to free range breeding in national climatic conditions. Currently, more than 100,000 females of the basic herd kept on more than 3,000 farms are included in the conservation programmes. These are the following native species/breeds/varieties/strains:

cattle breeds: Polish Red (RP), White-backed (BG), Polish Red-and-White (ZR), Polish Black-and-White (ZB),

horse breeds: Polish Konik, Hucul, Wielkopolski, Małopolski, Silesian, cold-blooded Sztumski and Sokólski,

pig breeds: Puławska, Złotnicka Spotted and Złotnicka White,

sheep breeds: Wrzosówka, Świniarka, Olkuska, Coloured Polish Mountain, Pomeranian, Kamieniecka, Polish Lowland Żelaźnieńska, Corriedale, Polish Lowland Uhruska, Wielkopolska, Podhale Zackel, Coloured Merino, old-type Polish Merino, Polish Pogórze sheep and Blackheaded

Carpathian goats,

laying hens: Yellowleg Partridge Ż-33, Greenleg Partridge Zk and Z-11, Polbar Pb, Leghorn G-99, H-22 and H-33, Sussex S-66, Rhode Island Red R-11 and K-22, Rhode Island White A-33,

geese: Lubelska (Lu), Kielecka (Ki), Podkarpacka (Pd), Pomeranian (Po), Suwalska (Su), Kartuska (Ka), Swan (Ga), Rypińska (Ry), Zatorska (Zd-1), Biłgorajska (Bi), Roman (Ro), Slovak (Sł), Landes (LsD-01), Kuban (Ku)

ducks: Mini-duck (K-2), hybrid (Kh0-01), English Pekin (LsA), Danish Pekin (P-8), French Pekin (P-9), Polish Pekin (P-33), Polish Pekin (P-11, P-22, P-44 and P-55),

Popielno White rabbits,

Beige chinchillas,

nutria varieties: Greenland, Standard, Black Dominant, Amber-Gold, White non-albino, Sable, Pastel and Pearl,

bee breeds: Central European (4 lines) and Carniolan honey bee (car Dobra line)

During the exhibition two shows of native animal breeds were organized which generated a lot of interest of the visitors. The show of mare with small foals was a particular attraction for children. The employees of the Institute participating in the Exhibition gave interviews to agricultural press and also conducted a lot of conversations with the breeders. The main subject was the concern about the future of national agriculture, particularly animal breeding and rearing.

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