2nd Specialist Exhibition – Sokólski Horses Championship in Szepietowo

The Specialist Exhibition – Sokólski Horses Championship was held in the Podlaski Agricultural Advisory Centre already for the second time. The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development – Mr. Krzysztof Jurgiel and the National Research Institute of Animal Production took the honorary patronage over the event. The exhibition was combined with the  Green Gala and the Podlaskie Rural Construction Fair.

The native breed of Sokólski horses, as one of the two cold-blooded ones has been included in genetic resources conservation since 2008. The current active population numbers about 1200 mares and 380 stallions.

50 horses were registered for this year’s championship out of which 35 arrived and 34 were evaluated: 4 one-year-old fillies and 13 two-year-old ones, 6 one-year-old stallions and 11 two-year-old ones, coming from the Podlaskie and Lubelskie voivodeships.

The horses were evaluated by the Commission composed of: Director of the Kętrzyn Stallion Herd Jerzy Gawarecki – the chairperson, Director of the Lubelski Breeders Association Jacek Kozik, Marzena Woźbińska representing the Polish Horse Breeders Association. Grażyna Polak, the coordinator of the conservation programmes participated in the evaluation on the part of  the National Research Institute of Animal Production.

Chestnut Pegaz (Monter – Palemka), bred and presented by Mr. Kazimierz Brzozowski from the town of Jabłoń Jankowce, Podlaskie voivodeship turned out to be both the best stallion and superchampion of the exhibition, whereas an exceptionally handsome and typical Edycja (Boss-Epoka), bred by Bazyli Sawczuk, the property of his son Bogumił Sawczuk from Wólka Tarachowska in Podlasie Province was the best mare. In the category of one-year-old fillies and colts the following were placed first and received the title of champion: chestnut Pryncessa (Orion-Prymulka), bred and owned by Zbigniew Słowikowski from Tykocin, Podlaskie voivodeship and chestnut Galant (Taflon-Gena) bred and owned by Andrzej Osakowicz from Podgrodzisko, also from the Podlasie region.

On Sunday, during an official decoration of the winners, the awards were handed by the Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Jacek Bogucki, whereas Grażyna Polak, Ph.D. handed the cups on behalf of the Directors of the National Research Institute of Animal Production.