Invitation to a Conference: “Native Breeds as a Guarantor of High Quality Products”

National Research Institute of Animal Production – leader of the project: “The uses and the conservation of farm animal genetic resources under sustainable development” with the partners of the consortium is honoured to invite you to the conference entitled “Native breeds as a guarantor of high quality products”, which will be held on 1 December 2017 during Central Agricultural Fair on the site of Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn near Warsaw (hall F).

The agenda of the meeting

11.00-11.15 am – Welcome of the guests and the presentation of the assumptions of the project

11.15-11.45 am – Lecture entitled “Milk of local breeds as a precious raw material for production of labelled regional products”, Prof. Joanna Barlowska, Ph.D., University of Life Sciences Lublin

11.45-12.15 pm – Lecture entitled “The quality of traditional meat products from raw materials of native breeds”, Prof. Władysław Migdał, Ph.D., University of Agriculture Kraków

12.15-12.45 pm – Lecture entitled “Certification of the quality of raw materials and products of native breeds”, Prof. Jędrzej Krupiński, Ph.D., National Research Institute of Animal Production Balice.

12.45-1.45 pm – “Round table” discussion with the participation of breeders, producers, employees of breeders associations and scientists.

1.45 pm – Tasting of products from native breeds