Breeding Day with the National Research Institute of Animal Production

The National Research Institute of Animal Production invites you to the Breeding Day, which will be held within the Polagra-Premiery Fair.

Date: 20.01.2018
International Poznań Fair, pavilion 3A, lecture hall.

The agenda

11.00-11.45 amModern systems of dairy cattle breeding management.Piotr Wójcik, Ph.D., Prof. of NRIAP
12.00-12.45 pmNew methods for the evaluation of productive and breeding value of beef cattle.Eng. Zenon Choroszy, Ph.D.
1.00-2.00 pmProduction of high quality eggs and meat.Eng. Ewa Sosnówka-Czajka, Ph.D.
2.15-3.00 pmScientific and practical aspects of breeding domestic breeds of pigs.Eng. Magdalena Szyndler-Nędza, Ph.D.