Central Agricultural Fair 2017 – Nadarzyn

The second edition of the Central Agricultural Fair was held in Nadarzyn near Warsaw between 30 November and 2 December 2017. The honorary patronage over the whole event was taken by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Development whereas the patronage over the innovation sector was assumed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Several exhibition halls were made available for the visitors and the exhibition was divided into the lounge of: agricultural technique, agricultural production means, specialist services and support for “agro” industry, good food fair and the innovation section for agri-food industry.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development – Krzysztof Jurgiel officially opened the fair, accompanied by the organizers and guests.

As last year, the fair was an occasion to show the most interesting solutions on the market of agricultural machines and devices and present the innovation accessible in agricultural sector. A significant part of the exhibition was dedicated to food producers, who could present and sell  their own products. On the stall prepared by the National Research Institute of Animal Production the guests could become acquainted with the newest publications of the Institute.

The exhibition part was accompanied by conferences, seminars, and fora organized in cooperation  with trade organizations and associations. The events favoured establishing cooperation and business contacts in broadly understood agri-food industry between the national and foreign partners.

One of the meetings was organized by the National Research Institute of Animal Production, which within the realization of Biostrateg project “The uses and the conservation of farm animal genetic resources under sustainable development” invited all the interested to the conference entitled “Native breeds as a guarantor of high quality products”.

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