Scientific Conference entitled ”Research in Horse Breeding Practice – Modern Tools for Breeders”

The scientific conference entitled “Research in horse breeding practice – modern tools for breeders”, organized by the Department of Animal Molecular Biology was held in the National Research Institute of Animal Production on 12 December 2017. About 200 people participated in the conference, among which there were representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, National Agricultural Support Centre, universities, institutes and schools of agriculture, Polish Horse Breeders Association, District Horse Breeders Association, purebred associations, private breeders and veterinary surgeons. The subject matter concerned both breeding issues and presenting research achievements of the employees of the National Research Institute of Animal Production and state-of-the-art trends of molecular genetics and genomics in breeding horses.

The presentations from the conference:

    • Genetic horse parentage control – yesterday, today and tomorrow
    • Current state of breeding horses in the Companies supervised by the National Agricultural Support Centre
    • Alternative use of cold-blooded horses
    • Not everyone sees what the horse is like – genomics of the population of Polish horse breeds
    • Innovative methods of diagnosing skin cancers in horses
    • Can we diminish the risk of genetic defects in the population of Polish horses
    • Racing potential of Arabian horses versus genetic markers
    • Chromosomal reasons for fertility disorders in horses