Science Days in Kórnik 2017

Between 21 and 23 September 2017, a cyclical event called „Science Days in Kórnik”, which popularized science and research institutions among local society was held in Kórnik Commune (Wielkopolskie voivodeship). During these exceptional three days lectures at schools were done, whereas in research institutions practical classes for the youth and elderly residents (senior citizens) were organized. The Ecological Festival on the Market Square in Kórnik completed the whole event. The following among others participated in the realization of this enterprise: the Institute of Dendrology of Polish Academy of Sciences, Kórnickie Plant Foundation, the Borowiec Astrogeodynamic Observatory, Kórnik Library, Experimental Station of Polish Academy of Sciences Kórnik Nursaries and the Kołuda Wielka Experimental Station of the National Research Institute of Animal Production, the Waterfowl Genetic Resources Station in Dworzyska.

The participants heard the cycle of lectures with interest, among others entitled “What we know about an egg” (Eng. Lidia Lewko, Ph.D.), “Biodiversity of waterfowl” (Eng. Rafał Zwierzyński, M.Sc.) and “Goose breeding and rearing” (Eng. Jakub Badowski, Ph.D.), whereas the entirety was coordinated by Ewa Gornowicz, Ph.D., Prof. of NRIAP.

The interest of the participants in the research institution in Dworzyska was very large. The assumed goal – the popularisation of scientific papers realized in the WGRS in Dworzyska was realized in full. The Institute’s Kołuda Wielka Experimental Station, WGRS in Dworzyska received a special distinction for the realization of this enterprise. It was handed to the manager R. Zwierzyński, M.Sc. and L. Lewko, Ph.D. by the Mayor of Kórnik Town on the Market Square at the end of the Festival.