International Fair of Animal Breeding FARMA 2011

Between 10th – 13th February 2011 the National Research Institute of Animal Production participated in International Fair of Animal Breeding FARMA in Poznań. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mr Marek Sawicki and Chief Veterinary Inspectorate, who opened the fair officially took honorary patronage over the fair FARMA. However, the National Research Institute of Animal Production took trade patronage.

In the fair 115 exhibitors from 8 countries participated. Exhibitor’s stalls were localized in pavillon no 5 and pavillon no 9. During the fair one presented state-of-the-art technological solutions in breeding of pigs, cattle and poultry, elements of equipment of piggery, hen house and cowshed. Within the framework of All-Polish action of drinking milk on FARMA milk vending machines also appeared. Salons of green forages and agroenergy were especially prepared as expositions. Salon of green forages is a comprehensive offer of technology of preparing fodder and production of silages. Machines used for cultivating and caring grass lands were presented as well as state-of-the-art lawn mowers, shakers, hay rakes, presses, stretch wrappers and tractors. Salon of agroenergy is an offer in the field of renewable sources of energy among others cultivating and processing of energetic plants, by-products and  waste. An important part of the salon was model biogas plant with presented, complex investment cycle from idea to its realization. The breeders of pigs could find out on FARMA what are the newest trends in feeding these animals. In model piggery one presented chosen elements of equipment and service. One could view among others stalls, pens, elements of enclosure, lining of posts, elements of floors and grates, manure pads, feeding trays and devices used for giving animals to drink. Among the novelties there were: automatic machines to feed pigs, which weight 5 kilos and also stress free ultrasound exam for sows.

The exposition of National Research Institute of Animal Production enjoyed with a lot of interest of the visitors. The employers of the Institute of Animal Production – Coordinators of Native Breeds fulfilled information duties, therefore each person interested in the issues of conservation breeds could receive the specialist advice. During the second day of fair, on 11th February 2011 the lecture entitled “Modern feeding of pigs – recommendations for practice” was delivered by Ms Ph.D. Ewa Hanczakowska. Her performance generated a lot of interest. One presented a wide publishing offer concerning conducted research and their results and the possibilities of their commercialization. The many valuable connections that have been made will enable the Institute to disseminate research findings by its use in practice to an even greater extent.