Annals of Animal Science Vol. 11 No. 2 (2011)


E. Semik, J. Krawczyk:
The state of poultry genetic resources and genetic diversity of hen populations

Genetics and farm animal breeding

M. Tyra, M. Szyndler-Nędza, R. Eckert:
Possibilities of using ultrasonography in breeding work with pigs. Part II – Relationships between measurements obtained by different techniques and detailed dissection results
E. Kapkowska, M. Gumułka, A. Rabsztyn, K. Połtowicz, K. Andres:
Comparative study on fattening results of Zatorska and White Kołuda® geese
A. Jakubczak, M. Bugno-Poniewierska, G. Jeżewska-Witkowska, B. Horecka, M. Buś-Kicman:
Genetic differentiation of intergeneric hybrids of Blue Frost foxes and their original forms based on microsatellite polymorphism

The biology, physiology and reproduction of animals

A. Kozubska-Sobocińska, B. Rejduch, E. Słota, P. Sysa:
New aspects of degenerative changes in reproductive system of freemartin heifers
M. Babicz, B. Rejduch, A. Kozubska-Sobocińska, M. Pastwa, A. Kasprzyk, A. Stasiak, M. Serafin-Kozak:
Analysis of sexual activity in gilts in terms of their reproductive value
G. Piccione, S. Scianò, V. Messina, S. Casella, A. Zumbo:
Changes in serum total proteins, protein fractions and albumin-globulin ratio during neonatal period in goat kids and their mothers after parturition
M. Bryła, M. Trzcińska:
Apoptosis in porcine blastocysts derived from 2-4 cell in vivo produced embryos subsequently cultured in vitro
D. Kołodziejczyk, S. Socha:
Analysis of effectiveness of breeding work and estimation of genetic and phenotypic trends for reproductive traits in American mink

Environment, hygiene and animal production technology

K. Adamczyk, A. Słania, Z. Gil, A. Felenczak, J. Bulla:
Relationships between milk performance and behaviour of cows under loose housing conditions
H.T. Korhonen, H. Huuki:
Digging and its welfare implications for farmed blue fox
D. Kowalska, P. Bielański:
Study on the possibility of using the native Popielno White rabbit breed in commercial farming

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