Annals of Animal Science Vol. 11 No. 3 (2011)


D. Bederska-Łojewska, M. Pieszka:
Modulating gastrointestinal microflora of pigs through nutrition using feed additives

Genetics and farm animal breeding

M. Tyra, M. Szyndler-Nędza, R. Eckert:
Possibilities of using ultrasonography in breeding work with pigs. Part III – Estimation of carcass meat content using regression equations developed from ultrasonographic measurements
A. Kawęcka, K. Piórkowska:
Characteristics of the genetic structure of native sheep breeds

The biology, physiology and reproduction of animals

E. Chronowska, T. Kott:
Optimization of conditions of prolonged culture of pig granulosa cells in vitro

Animal nutrition and feedstuffs

M. Łopuszańska-Rusek, K. Bilik:
Fibrolytic enzymes and live yeast cultures in rations for dairy cows – effect on rumen degradability and fermentation
J. Koreleski, S. Świątkiewicz, A. Arczewska-Włosek, M. Słonecki:
Effect of dietary electrolyte balance on rearing performance of broiler chickens under farm conditions
S. Świątkiewicz, J. Koreleski, A. Arczewska-Włosek, M. Świątkiewicz, M. Twardowska, J. Markowski, M. Mazur, Z. Sieradzki, K. Kwiatek:
Detection of transgenic DNA from Bt maize and herbicide tolerant soybean meal in tissues, eggs and digestive tract content of laying hens fed diets containing genetically modified plants
A. Gugołek, D. Kowalska, M. Konstantynowicz, J. Strychalski, B. Bukowska:
Performance indicators, health status and coccidial infection rates in rabbits fed diets supplemented with white mustard meal

Environment, hygiene and animal production technology

Z. Nogalski, K. Czerpak, P. Pogorzelska:
Effect of automatic and conventional milking on somatic cell count and lactation traits in primiparous cows
J. Nowachowicz:
Fattening and slaughter traits of young boars depending on their growth rate
L. Tymczyna, A. Chmielowiec-Korzeniowska, J. Raczyńska, A. Drabik:
Removal of microbial contaminants from pig house air using biofilter organic media
D. Kowalska, A. Gugołek, P. Bielański:
Effect of stress on rabbit meat quality

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