Annals of Animal Science Vol. 10 No. 1 (2010)

Review paper

I. Grad:
Liposomes in gamete and embryo biotechnology

Genetics and farm animal breeding

A. Radko:
Application of a complementary set of 10 microsatellite DNA markers for parentage verification in Polish Red cattle
K. Oleński, H. Sieczkowska, M. Koćwin-Podsiadła, H. Help, S. Kamiński:
A subset of candidate polymorphisms identified by 52 SNPs mini-array in two Duroc sub-populations revealed significant differences in SNP allele distributions

The biology, physiology and reproduction of animals

J. Opiela, B. Ryńska, L. Kątska-Książkiewicz:
BCB test utility evaluated by caspase-3 activity in blastocysts developed from bovine oocytes with different G6PDH level
J. Wieczorek, Y. Kosenyuk, M. Cegła, B. Ryńska:
A new concept in laparoscopic ovum pick-up (OPU) in sheep ? efficiency of method and morphology of recovered oocytes
I. Rozempolska-Rucińska:
Reliability of breeding value estimation of laying hens for hatching characteristics

Environment, hygiene and animal production technology

B. Kavolelis, R. Bleizgys, J. Cesna:
Emission of water vapour in uninsulated cowshed

Animal nutrition and feedstuffs

E. Hanczakowska, K. Węglarzy, B. Szymczyk, P. Hanczakowski:
Effect of adding crude or refined glycerol to pig diets on fattening performance, nutrient digestibility and carcass evaluation
K. Pieniak-Lendzion, R. Niedziółka, E. Horoszewicz, M. Łukasiewicz:
Quality traits of meat from goat kids fed a diet with 10% flaxseeds
J. Koreleski, S. Świątkiewicz:
Effect of methionine and energy level in high protein organic diets fed to laying hens
M. Kamińska, A. Huntchak, F. Borowiec, I. Ratych, J. Barteczko:
Specific features of gastrointestinal tract microbiocenosis in hens and geese

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