Annals of Animal Science Vol. 9 No. 4 (2009)

Review paper

G. Żak, M. Pieszka:
Improving pork quality through genetics and nutrition

Genetics and farm animal breeding

J. Pytlewski, I. Antkowiak, R. Skrzypek, K. Kęsy:
The effect of dry period length on milk performance traits of Black-and-White Polish Holstein-Friesian and Jersey cows
E. Ptak, W. Jagusiak, A. Żarnecki, A. Otwinowska-Mindur:
Genetic parameters of daily somatic cell score and some conformation traits in Polish Holstein cattle
T. Ząbek, A. Fornal:
Evaluation of the 17-plex STR kit for parentage testing of Polish Coldblood and Hucul horses
A. Kozubska-Sobocińska, M. Bugno-Poniewierska, E. Słota:
Application of bovine heterosome painting probes to analysis of the sex bivalent in rams
M. Natonek-Wiśniewska:
Species identification of feline DNA based on analysis of cytochrome b
T. Rychlik, A. Krawczyk:
Class I marker polymorphism in Polish Mountain Sheep of coloured and white varieties

Biology, physiology and animal reproduction

P. Gogol:
Effect of prostaglandin F2α on reproductive performance in rabbit does

Animal nutrition and feedstuffs

K. Bilik, B. Niwińska, M. Łopuszańska-Rusek:
Effect of adding fibrolytic enzymes to periparturient and early lactation dairy cow diets on production parameters
A. Janocha, M. Osek, B. Klocek, M. Szymańska:
Effect of adding 25-hydroxycholecalciferol in plant diets with and without fish meal on rearing results and bones of broiler chickens
N. Тyutyunnik, A. Unzhаkоv, E. Svechkina, B. Barabasz:
Some biochemical effects of starvation in arctic blue foxes (Alopex lagopus)

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