Annals of Animal Science Vol. 9 No. 2 (2009)


Z. Sokołowicz, E. Herbut, J. Krawczyk:
Poultry production and strategy for sustainable development of rural areas

Genetics and farm animal breeding

A. Radko, T. Rychlik:
Use of blood group tests and microsatellite DNA markers for parentage verification in a population of Polish Red-and-White cattle
M. Natonek-Wiśniewska, E. Słota:
A new method for species identification of poultry based on 12S-rRNA fragment polymorphism
A. Jakubczak, S. Knaga, G. Jeżewska-Witkowska:
Genetic variation of microsatellite sequences and its relationship with some productive traits of arctic foxes

Animal nutrition and feedstuffs

K. Bilik, K. Węglarzy, F. Borowiec, M. Łopuszańska-Rusek:
Effect of feeding intensity and type of roughage fed to Limousin bulls in the finishing period on slaughter traits and fatty acid profile of meat
P. Hanczakowski, B. Szymczyk, E. Hanczakowska:
Fatty acid profile and cholesterol content of meat from pigs fed different fats
Z. Dobrzański, T. Trziszka, E. Herbut, J. Krawczyk, P. Tronina:
Effect of humic preparations on productivity and quality traits of eggs from Greenleg Partridge hens

Environment, hygiene and animal production technology

I. Skomorucha, R. Muchacka, E. Sosnówka-Czajka, E. Herbut:
Response of broiler chickens from three genetic groups to different stocking densities
J. Krawczyk:
Effect of layer age and egg production level on changes in quality traits of eggs from hens of conservation breeds and commercial hybrids
H. Bojar, I. Bojar:
Monitoring of contamination of the Lublin region wetlands using mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) as a vector of the contamination by various conditionally toxic elements
M. Gumułka, D. Wojtysiak, E. Kapkowska, K. Połtowicz, A. Rabsztyn:
Microstructure and technological meat quality of geese from conservation flock and commercial hybrids
H.T. Korhonen, T. Koistinen:
Use of simultaneously available enrichments by farmed blue fox (Alopex lagopus)

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