Annals of Animal Science Vol. 10 No. 4 (2010)


A.Stygar, J. Makulska:
Application of mathematical modelling in beef herd management – a review
E. Sosnówka-Czajka, E. Herbut, I. Skomorucha:
Effect of different housing systems on productivity and welfare of laying hens

Genetics and farm animal breeding

B. Danielak-Czech, A. Kozubska-Sobocińska, B. Rejduch:
Diagnosis of tandem fusion-translocation in the boar using FISH technique with human painting probes
B. Rejduch, B. Danielak-Czech, A. Kozubska-Sobocińska:
FISH-based comparative analysis of human and porcine chromosome region involving obesity-related genes
A. Radko, T. Rychlik:
Evaluating the usefulness of polymorphism of 7 microsatellite DNA markers for genetic diversity studies of sheep

The biology, physiology and reproduction of animals

M. Bochenek, Z. Smorąg:
The level of sperm DNA fragmentation in bulls of different breeds
M. Samiec, M. Skrzyszowska:
Preimplantation developmental capability of cloned pig embryos derived from different types of nuclear donor somatic cells
M. Samiec, M. Skrzyszowska:
The use of different methods of oocyte activation for generation of porcine fibroblast cell nuclear-transferred embryos
M. Murawski, D. Wrońska-Fortuna, D.A. Zięba:
High doses of copper administered to sheep and the postnatal adaptation of the twin lambs
J. Jura, J. Jura, B. Ryńska, Z. Smorąg:
Comparison of transfection methods for rabbit zygotes
P. Gogol:
Ferrous ion induced photon emission of rabbit spermatozoa

Animal nutrition and feedstuffs

K. Bilik, M. Łopuszańska-Rusek:
Effect of organic and conventional feeding of Red-and-White cows on productivity and milk composition
D. Korniewicz, J. Hoffman, A. Korniewicz, Z. Dobrzański:
Effect of new feed phosphate on balance and apparent absorption of calcium and phosphorus in fattening pigs

Environment, hygiene and animal production technology

A. Węglarz:
Quality of beef from Polish Holstein-Friesian bulls as related to weight at slaughter
J. Pytlewski, I. Antkowiak, M. Staniek, R. Skrzypek:
Intensity and causes of culling in Polish Black-and-White Holstein-Friesian cows
I. Skomorucha, E. Sosnówka-Czajka, R. Muchacka:
Effect of thermal conditions on welfare of broiler chickens of different origin

Economics and the organization of animal production

Z. Kołoszko-Chomentowska:
Economic consequences of financing dairy cattle farms in the Podlaskie province from EU funds

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